A rest day whats the problem

A friend of mine at work said that she wish she could take a day off from all the hustle and bustle that go on everyday. She said she is worn out. She asked me what do I do to keep my sanity and I found myself in a predicament that I don’t like to be in. I told her I have a day to unwind every week. What she said every week! How do you swing that? I told her I keep the sabbath and God have commanded a day of rest and that’s what I do, I do no work or everyday chores on that day. Your crazy she says to me. I replied I’m not the one at my wit’s end because I can’t rest. She reluctantly agreed that I was right and was the one saying she needed a day of rest and when God provided one she said no thanks. So sad that we have to be made to relax. It’s like we feel guilty if we just do nothing for a while. Go ahead take a day of rest,what better day then the one the creator made for you.


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