A new day

Today is a new day for trying to be a better person. Today is not for looking back into the rear view mirror of history and move on to higher heights. The world we live in today is nothing like the world of our grandparents. Sure they had hard times too but the world wasn’t in total chaos as is now. Everyday there is a shooting where normal non drug selling church going people are killed. You go to a movie and end up dead,go to work the same thing. Babies being killed, children in their classrooms never have itbeen this bad. Children have to be watched 24 seven to make sure they are ok, our grandparents could let their children play outside and only think of how dirty they would be when they came it. Eight year olds are giving birth because a seventeen year old raped her. There are weather disasters all over and at a neck breaking speed. Oh yes i forgot that we have a new enemy  to blame it on, climate change. Today where i live we had a record amount of snow but for five years we had almost nothing,but still blame climate change even though what we got was normal a few years ago. Shouldn’t we say we are getting back to normal not away from it? Guns are in the news today will everyday, some say ban them others fight to keep them. Guns were around for how long?  Its people that have lost all sence of reality thats the problem. A child killed his brother because he didnt think that it would realy hurt him, he would be ok just like in the video games he played everyday. Yes we complain about little girls being molested but we approve of ads for little miss beautiful where they look like little sex workers,but are surprised when one is taken from the playground and molested. Let perverts see what they like long enough they will act on it. I heard a cop at the coffee shop saying how murders are getting so sophisticated i wondered to myself no wonder you could learn alot from csi. Where do God fit in all this? Oh yes cant say God because we would have to agree if there is a God then there is evil, but hurting children is not evil so therefore. No God. Maybe today is a day for looking at things a little different. Not from rose colored glasses but from reality. Yes it is a new day indeed. If you hear common sence knocking could you please send him to your neighbor. 


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