steven spielberg is said to have a anti islam film coming out. I would have to say that it would never get off the ground. When the muslims get a hold of this they will never let it go,and if it do get out someone will die. But if you want to say what ever you want about Christianity or Jesus christ then thats ok. Where is the fairness or the equal tolerance of religion when you can have a picture of Jesus christ and have a bunch of muslims pissing on it but yet have a riot and kill people, burn embassies etc. When there is a cartoon of mohammed.  Dont get me wrong im not for violence of any kind in religion. But i am for the idea that the muslims have about if you come to a muslim country you don’t bring your religion to change the country to what you want it to be, you abide by the rules. If a country is founded on Christianity then you can come in peace but dont force yourself on others. Take a look at Dearborn,michigan how it is now muslim. watch the link.


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