I’m bored I need a new gadget.

I was bored today so went to look at some new gadget, thinking it would make me feel better. I didn’t buy anything after all but it got me thinking about how much society thinks the same way. When did being bored become such a money grab for the big stores?  Come to think about it, isn’t that what apps do for us. It allows us to have a new “thing” when ever a new app comes out. We talk about it at work, we talk about it out at the bar etc. We always want something new ,or i do. A new car (cant afford one) a new cell phone (same cost as a used car lol). I’m making myself read more when i get bored and it seems to help some. Today i kept telling myself you don’t need this. I came home and read, I win big box stores! I live to fight another day. I can make a call on my old smart phone, it may not give me wings but if i keep it up i may be able to keep my money and buy a pair. The next time you get bored, just say i dont really need this new……..


One thought on “I’m bored I need a new gadget.

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