Six year old girl raped, oh my Lord help us!!

I got up this morning and I was thinking I would check the news. The first thing I read is about a little six year ago girl being raped and thrown out like garbage. I,m sorry but this makes be want to send Someone to meet the devil real fast. How can someone gang rape a six yr old and be allowed to live more than it takes to load a syringe full of poison and inject them. God help us if we dont speak out against such behavior.  This happening in the same country where the world was on fire because of the gang rape of a student who latter died because she was raped my many men and her insides riped out of her body with a pice of pipe. Block a pipeline and the world stops,say your making a bomb and look out, rape women and little girls as a culture accepted thing and we look the other way. Athletics go on strike and we throw a fit like the world as ended and we have a hot coal in our ass.  Let the cell phones go out for a day and we think about killing ourselves because our “friends” on Facebook wont know i had to take a dump this morning,but people raping, killing,murdering christians,gang raping enfants and children, we move on. You may say what can we do? Thats over there. Countries get together all the time to influence governments in certain things why not a little preasure for them to do whats right? Women and children have the  right to live without being raped and murdered just because they are women and children. Put horsemeat in burgers and look out, and rightfully so. Raise the price of gas and have a riot. Thats my coffee rant for today. I feel better and hope you do too.


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