Religious Freedom

Harper announce a office of religious freedom for 5 million dollars. Now I may be wrong but I thought we were a free religious country. We have many religions that can worship in peace but the country is christian. If you go to a muslim country and say you want to open a mosque,what answer would you get? I talked to a Muslim at work and asked him if I could go to his native country and worship in freedom, he said no!  I then asked if he would allow me to worship God and Jesus if he was in control you know what he said? He said no. I then asked him why and he said because christianity is not a religion.  Now you see even though he came to a country for a better life and still be able to worship his god in peace he did not believe I had the same right and it was my country, where my great grandfather down to me and my children were born and raised. He have been here for only 3years and believe i have no right to worship Jesus because he thinks Christianity is not a religion at all. 

Why do someone say they want religious freedom and believe that the ones they are asking this from have no right to their own religion?  I am convienced that they dont want freedom of religion but freedom to stamp out all other religions. 

When a person forces him/herself or their beliefs on others we call it bullying and say its wrong but if its done by someone we are afraid of we keep ouf mouth shut. The U.S and Canada is on their way out. We can blame no one but ourselves.  


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