Common sense where are you!

I’m up late watching the religious channel and can’t help but think that it is easy to just say all those preachers are just nuts.  However I started to ask myself “is all of what they say just garage?  Lets look around us shall we? This world is in a major mess,cant earn a living,food is on the decrease, water is being polluted on a fast pace. Gays are taking over the planet. Gays use to say “hey I’m gay and don’t force your beliefs on me and vice versa. But then they turn around and force our children to learn about the inner me, where in certain schools teach at a very young age,about its ok to have certain feelings. Dont they realize that at that age your Only putting suggestions in their heads. Why not leave it as it was, where when you grew up and knew you were gay you went with it. Sex of any kind at that age is just wrong!! 

Enough on the gay agenda.  Violence, hate, kids ruling, families being broken apart and in alot of cases its because one in the relationship decided he or she is now gay and want a divorce.  Is this fair to the other partner or spouse?  Family now days consists mosly of Split parents, half brother’s and sisters, mom got a boytoy,Dad got a drunken  loud mouth,and both think that working all the time so I never see them is ok as long as I have that new barbie or lego set. Nations that were once lenders are now the borrowers and you know what the Bible says about that.. You become a slave to who you owe,just ask anyone with a credit card maxed out. Oh yes thats right we cant talk about the Bible no way,we pride ourselves on being tolerant of all religions right? Not really because the same people that say things against God,you know no prayer before school, no God on our building entrances, no ten commandments you get the deal right?  But do not dare say to a muslim he can have his dager,or head covering or women wearing the full garb where you dont know if its a man woman or child oh no never say anything about that. Bible in the school library, no way but the koran is ok. I love the muslims you have too right, they stand up for what they believe and who dont like that in a group of people? They are loyal to their own community and help each other. We could learn alot from them.  The Bible i think is right people may have had the time wrong over the years but you dont throw away a hammer because a idiot dont know how to usd it right. Hard times are coming and we have no one to blame but ourselves, but when it all goes in the crapper we blame God whether we believe in Him or not.  It’s the old nothing wrong with me it’s you thats the problem kind of thinking. Girl gets raped, blame the tight pants, got pregnant,  blame it on the drinks, eat McDonalds every day and now your to fat to get off a chair, blame it on the fact that they make it taste good..their fault. Ask for a coffee and spill in on myself because im typing on my cell phone, sue because coffee was hot, no really!!  I feel better now but you, not so good lol

Common sense died with plad bell bottoms. I was at work last Wednesday and a guy was flipping out because his battery died on his cell phone and had to call home it was important, I didnt have the heart to tell him that tbat thing on the wall next to him is called a phone! 

It will all be ok soon, i heard some guy on the radio today say that the next pope will work on fixing the state of the world. Now thats not really the problem i had, it was the fact that just earlier he said he was a atheists.  Lol I couldnt even make this shit up, like I said common sense is dead and rotten. 


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