Boy 9 years old kills himself.

When i read this article my heart just dropped to the floor this morning. Bullying has got to be dealt with more aggressively, If i went up to someone with a plastic knife and put it to their throat at work and said “next time it will be a real one” i wouldbe arrested and fired no question. Why was this not dealt with, would it be the same if the school was mostly white and a asian kid killed himself? I dont care who you are, when a 9 year old killes himself society is way off track. You can say ” stuff happens” I would say your an idiot. Here is the link


One thought on “Boy 9 years old kills himself.

  1. It really is shocking, and annoys me how it is made out to be so trivial! stop.bullying

    I have just written a post on bullying at work – the topic doesn’t seem to receive enough acknowledgement!…Does bullying still even exist when you’re an adult? Have a read and please voice your opinion on the topic! Thanks

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