I am really upset at the Government.

I am really upset about the government going door to door of those on unemployment insurance. I’m fortunate enough to have a job but i would be very upset if someone knocked on my door drilling me about being out work, it’s stressful enough just being out of work as it is. Why not get on the people that have made welfare a career, not even looking for a job when jobs were easy to come by. But no that would make sense, but wait no that would not make sense because it’s the working man and woman that pays the bills. So it don’t matter if he or she has to take a job for next to nothing as long as your not on unemployment insurance. Because if you’re working your not on the EI.
Spending five million dollars to have a office of religious freedom is ok. Or senators stealing money left right and center as if they don’t make enough already that they got to steal from the poor person that has to take a job next to nothing. A person who had a job paying 20 dollars an hour now work for 13 and had to tell his or her child that they have to downsize and they won’t have many of the things they have enjoyed up to now. Ever hear a government official saying that they have to downsize? Make the welfare people support the unemployment people, after all they are well rested. Give the small business a break so they can hire more. Stop giving away money for bull shirt and treat those in the Senate that steal money like the average guy on the street, like a common criminal which he would be. A person running a business lose one million dollars and can’t account for it and it’s called embezzlement but a government lose one hundred million and so what it’s just money!! And have to give no account for it. Try not doing your taxes properly and see how fast they can catch that.
By jesus is king

Government checking up on you.


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