When kids could be kids.

A friend of mine told me about the trip he had to London for business. He told me about this twenty year ago man that hung himself thinking that life was to hard. He had his whole life ahead of him, he was just twenty years old. This got me thinking wondering how bad it is in canada.  I went to the Canadian suicide Web Page and it’s really bad. Reading about this I started to think that kids nowadays have it bad compared to when I grew up.  Outside is dangerous where you almost got to watch them to make sure they are not kidnapped and murdered. Games are played inside mostly by themselves on xbox etc.

Bullying dont just happen at school,it happens everywhere. Cyber bullying is on the rise. You just can’t seem to get away from it.  Facebook, twitter, myspace etc just seem to increase the attack. Kids onetime if they did something stupid their friends talked about it but later died down,now with all these social media sites it’s out there for all to see and for ever. 

Kids seem to have no dreams or ambition for the future and I think that’s because they think they dont have a future with all the doom and gloom these days.  There use to be people that you could look up to and want to be like but now it seems that everyone is a dope smoking,people hating, anti authority, anti God, anti Government and you get the picture. 

Use to look up to sports figures but lance Armstrong and others like him took the wind out of that sail. Kids can’t even emulate their parents because in most cases they are not around enough to get to know. we are a throw away society so kids don’t even learn to fix things because we just throw them out, in fact things aren’t even made with good enough craftsmanship to be able to be fixed. I went to a repair shop and asked about getting my tv fixed and was told it was almost better to buy a new one,this pissed me off since it was only 4 years old. I feel bad for kids these days its not like when i grew up where i could build tree houses etc and just be kids.


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