Texas school made to wear Muslim burka.


Is a link that turned my stomach.  I have alot to say on this but it will not come off as civil. 

What i want to say something about is a article i read about a school in Texas of all places had students dress up in muslim burka and they were not allowed to refer to the 911 guys that ran planes into the twin Towers as terrorist. But had to say freedom fighters. I know by now you think im crazy, but this is america right?  Freedom fighters oh please, please hit me im dreaming. Freedom from what?  They lived here got drivers license here, school, allowed to worship their god as they pleased, work and they say they are freedom fighters. Fighting against a tyrant that lets his people starve while he lives high on the hog, that’s freedom fighting, thats tring for the greater good. Biting the hand that feeds you, thats just nuts. 

If there is to be no religion in school then there is to be no Islam, because the last time i looked Islam is a religion. why is it that when a person goes to a Muslim country the women have to wear a head covering, but if they come here they do not remove theirs?  A reporter that goes there have to wear what they say, but here they wear as they please. I think this is the message people see when this happens, when the west go to the east you better show respect! But when the east comes to the west no respect is given but it better be received. 

Read the link below give me feed back if you want.



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