Here is your tip, whether you deserve it or not.

I read today about a guy who delivered 1500 dollars worth of pizza and got ten dollar tip, so what right? Well they gave him what the pizza cost, they didnt rip anyone off and gave him Ten dollars extra for himself. The article reminded me of when i went to outback stakehouse and had a nice meal, the service was ok, she brought what i ordered and i said thank you. The bill came to 45 dollars i gave her a 5 dollar bill for herself not because i had to but just wanted to, the look on her face was like i killed her only child. I asked what the problem was and she said she should get 12or15 dollar tip. I asked her did she do anything that was not part of her job? She said no, i asked her if she gets a pay check and she said yes. So whats the problem then i asked her getting a little angry, i depend on those tips without them i dont eat. I was fuming by now, i asked her if i missed the sign that said at the entrance that said I must give 30% of the price of my meal? She told me there was no sign and i knew that. By now i was very disgusted with her behavior after all i came in here to have a meal in peace and pay for what i got then go home.  i told her to give my five dollars back and i put it in my pocket then told her i wanted my change, she threw 45cents at me and i picked it up and told her to tell her boss i would never be back.

Whats the point of all this? Well when did this thing about tips come in? I mean i tip if a server is very nice and dont have me wait for a long time because she is on the cell phone or is very polite and understanding. But thats because i want to leave a tip, if i have enough money to buy a meal but nothing left over do i have to say that i cant go and eat because i dont have a extra 15 dollars for a tip? To hell with that chucky cheese, you have a price, i pay the price and tax then i should be able to eat in peace. What about businesses paying more for wages and charge more, stupid you say.. No not at all because i would just order what i could afford at least i wouldnt be agtacked because i didnt have 15% extra to give for somone that aggreed to take a job for a certain pay. I would do my job and be as kind and friendly as i could be and hope they wanted to tip me, not tell them they have too or give the old stink eye if they didnt. When i go to work and the day is done my boss dont call me in and say hey man heres a extra 50 dollars because you did your job today, i would like it if she did do that but i dont go in and say hey bitch wheres my tip for coming in for work today, id get a tip alright, it would be something like this.” your fired and dont let the door hit you on the way out, also be friendly in the unemployment line”. Tip, yeah right I tip still but its only if i want to and what i can afford not what im told i must pay. I work for my money too you know and if i want to once in a while go out for supper then thats my choice,  why if my meal cost 20 dollars do i need to take out 26? Raise the price to 26 and i wont go and if more like me don’t go then no business therefore no job therefore no pay check let alone a tip. 



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