Passover. What do we really believe.

What do we really believe about the passover? Is the passover something that you can take every month or two?  Jesus said that we are to take it every year at a specific time.  That aside, whats is passover i ask myself and this is what i came up with.

Passover is a time that i reflect upon the fact that because i am a sinner i need a penalty paid, after all Romans says that the penalty for sin is death. How can it be paid in full if i sin every day? Through jesus christ thats how. Because jesus made all things and is God of all then for him to come and be a sacrifice for all mankind not just jew or christian but all, would pay for our sins, after all the value of Jesus Christs life was more then enough to pay for the lives of all mankind. I believe Jesus died, not a out of body experience but dead. He felt pain like you wouldnt believe for me,he was beaten to a pulp, the passion of the christ do it no justice in reality.  Jesus did that for me because he seen my potential or all mankinds potential. He didnt die so i could carry on as i am, just take me as i am dont fly with me. We are to change who we are, to be better and to have a standard that is far above the worlds. I am to be a”new man/person” how can i be new if i continue as i am,if thats the case  i didn’t need Christ in the first place because i was who i was and if it is good enough now and i don’t  need to change then it was good enough before Christ. Change how? Well christ expanded the law to include my thoughts, if i hate my boss then thats the same as murder, if i look at porn or my friends wife and want to bang her then I have sinned alredy and whats the wages of sin? Death!  Not thati am going to be perfect but i must give all i have to overcome just like in revelation it says that Gods people overcome, overcome what if i am to stay the same.. Nothing. If im a drunk, dope smoking, theif and i say i have Jesus, thats all i need right according to mainstream Christianity, come as you are and stay as you are. But christianty today believes that if you try to be better by obeying Gods law you are trying to earn  salvation. Thats just a cop out for spirtual lazyness. I have a far ways to go and never be good enough but God wants us to try hard to live for him and overcome myself, the world and satan. If you tell your son that if he drinks that liquid he would die because its poison and he said i believe you mom or dad but when you turned away he drank it, did he really believe? No he did not. If i say yes jesus i believe you but do nothing he says, do i really believe? Did the child with the poison earn anything if be didnt drink it, no he just did what he was told and he didnt die, but he had to believe and obey. thats how i see it. I need Jesus’ blood to wipe my sins away but i also need to change my ways. salvation is a process that needs a relationship with Jesus and the Father everyday, a baby dont become a man or woman over night it come s one bottle and spoon at a time.


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