Why do you believe what you believe when it comes to the news?

Sat in a coffee shop today in downtown Dearborn, Michigan. I overheard two muslim men talking about how the west is their enemy. I couldnt believe my ears, why would they talk about a nation that has provided so much for them, after all they were dressed well, had nice gold bling, and nicely groomed. I started to wonder why they would say such hatefull things against “all” americans when all americans are not doing anything but being tolerate of certain beliefs, maybe thats our downfall but that tbought for some other time.

Now if I was to say to this couple that all muslims are this and that, they would say dont judge all for the sake of a few or something like that. I want to state that this writting is not about anti muslim or should i say islam its about a mindset. What would make a person bite the hand that feeds them? Is it because they are allowed to work and make good money buy as tbey wish, come and go as they please, worship as they want without ever being asked to respect the wishes of others. Did you know that in san Francisco there are ads on buses that say that killing jews is to worship allah. There was a christian group that wanted to say that this was wrong and should not be said but was told that they could not have a ad saying that. If the ad said killing muslims was worshiping God i would be the first to scream against such madness but all it said was that the slogan “killing jews is worshipping. Allah” was wrong.

I dont know about you but that worries me, when a nation that was founded on christian values as become a place where you cant express your christian views, but ok to say kill others!    Lets just say that the add said this “killing gays is worshiping allah” see the tide changing already dont you my friends. Why then because its jews or any other, its ok? Let me till you what i think, I think that we have become so scared of what “they” may do to us that we now just hope that they dont hurt us. We can see that places like Dearborn are already under the thumb of islamic rule. Check out the link.     http://www.christianaction.org/shocking-video-american-muslims-stone-christians-police-turn-a-blind-eye/  this link is a real eye opener.   why do people believe what they see on big news stations? Its because we want some else to do our thinking for us. Remember in the news awhile back when there were pics of a woman in Palestine who lost her family but it was found out that the same footage was used for different war zones some not even in Palestine, if we were to believe the news that woman was supposed to have lost her same family members many times in many different battles. It turned out that her family was alive and well all along, it was a ploy against Israel and anyone who supported her. But do you remember how fast it went away from the news, just ask yourself if say it was the other way around, if Israel did this against Palestine.  time for us to wake up and smell the jihad. 







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