Death to America they say.


I was reading about north Korea having death to america rally and had to ask myself can they really do anything to the USA? I’m starting to think they can. While we have been looking in the direction of the economy, presidential election and what Hollywood is putting out, i think a lot have went unnoticed. Iran have helped the North Korean government to aquire weapons and give them the knowledge to build weapons themselves. Ever wonder why is it that when Iran is in the media flexing its muscles and shooting off its mouth north Korea is up to no good, and when north Korea is shooting off its mouth iran is up to no good. They are working together. Just watch when north Korea is out of the media Iran will start. Its just a magic trick. Get you looking over there while i do things under your nose. The USA as won its last war, not because its not powerful but because it has lost its will to fight. You dont need a enemy with big stick anymore for your downfall you just need to have a lot of enemies with whatever weapons they can muster and fight from all directions. The USA can’t even fight a war on one front let alone many. All you need is for a terrorist group to cause another disaster strike right now and the USA would be in a hard predicament. I love the great USA but we have fallen asleep and now we are in for a treat. 

The Muslims in this country can bring it down if they think the time is right. We pride ourselves on being tolerant but we are fools to think that Muslims will tolerate us. Their cry is death to all non Muslims,maybe  we should believe them when they say that. We are so politically correct that we get nothing done. Yes my friends we have enemies under every rock and they smell our fears and weakness and will exploit us for all we are worth. Here is a little link to sign off.


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