The boy I never knew, the boy God will never be without.

I read his name in the news. Martin Richard it said,dead at 8yrs old. Not from cancer, not from a car accident not from a disease, no he died cheering for his Dad to cross the Boston Marathon finish line. A boy with his family thinking not of fear, hurt or death but of pride in his Dad for giving all he had to fulfill a dream. “Good luck Dad I love you! ” ” I love you too son.”. May very well been the last words ever spoken by this little boy to is Dad before a loud bang and all was lost. Some mad person or persons putting a bomb at the finish line to kill and wound for no reason. Oh of course there is reason in some freaks mind some low life coward but no real reason. There are reasons that people like to brainwash people into thinking are true like america is the cause of all woes in the world. Its americas fault that a person in Africa has no money and its americas fault that the guy in Germany or elsewhere has money. Its america that causes global warming while china cant even breathe in its streets. If a person was to think about any of this they would have to shake their head. America have given more time and money and time along with its friends then any other nation on earth. Sure its not perfect but tell me one that is. 

Martin Richard died because he lived in a nation that allowed kids to have dreams, girls can read without being burned with acid, where women are seen a humans too. But because it is a nation that allow these freedoms others come and work from within to make it what they think it should be. America’s problem is that it is too accepting of everyone’s beliefs unlike say Iran or parts of Africa or middle east. Want to live there you better conform to their way of thinking.

I believe that every God fearing person owes not only Martin an apology but to every family member of those that died in 911 and the wars to eradicate the threats. We failed to stand up for whats right, we allowed others to convince us that our views are wrong while they believe they are right. We have won our last war because it is now on our own soil. We have a enemy that hides in shadows and recruit kids to do their bidding. 

My heart sinks in despair knowing it is just the beginning and not the end. Yes my friends hold your loved ones tight and love and care while you still can because maybe the next time you go to a race, a sporting event, a concert or church worship service it may be your last. Crazy you may say, if anyone was to say that to those at the boston Marathon they might have said that too,its time to take back what is ours not by force but by willing to stop evil before it starts to spread its poison. 

Yes Rest in peace martin richard. To the boy i never knew and God will never be without.