We are not smart enough to understand.

I was at work today and some of us were talking about how society is gone off track. I don’t know how it came up but one said that government is just to complicated for the average “joe”. She said she leave those sorts of things to those that are smart enough to figure them out. I had to leave because I felt anger inside at a poor state of mind.

Society is in the mess its in because we have allowed the “smarter” people to dictate to the masses what is good and bad. Okay so I’m stupid because I don’t believe that two men should be “married” my 4year old knows that to survive a species must mate with opposite gender. But they are born like it they say,really! Then why do they have to force it on kids in grade 3? If they are born like it leave it alone they will know soon enough. When gays or lisbians adopt kids they depend on opposite, man and woman. Even if they take their own egg they need sperm and two guys need eggs from the woman but I’m to stupid to know any better so just believe what we tell you.

They call people stupid if they say there is a God but they can say things like ” there is a big black hole that may or may not exist that gave life to all things”. That sounds smart I suppose…not.  What about this one, ” get rid of the legal guns and violence will go down. Oh that’s right because the ones that have obtained guns illegally would not want to do crime no more, and the average Joe is stupid! What’s wrong with a good background check and a waiting period to weed out the fanatics and the plain brain dead people. kids get shot everyday, yes they do but we put more emphasis on putting locks on the doors under the sink then on the gun cabinet. Stupid is stupid plain and simple. Got a gun and small kids then dont  mix the two dumb ass. 

We are told that we should be green, while they pump out tvs, cars, you name it that last one fifth what they use too, and that’s okay. Want to keep the landfill low? Then produce something that is good quality so I don’t have to replace in half the time!  My father had a chain saw and when he died I took it and used it until five years ago, it was over twenty years old. I have replaced it with two since then that’s how to cut back on garbage at this rate ill replace five or more to one. That’s only one example But maybe we are not smart enough to understand these things.

Turn your lights off on earth day the smart ones say,in Canada millions did that and what happened to the saved hydro…they sold it to us in the United States for a profit so we could use more. If you think that is a good thing then your getting smarter already.

Let’s make weed legal because it’s harmless. Go ask almost any drug addict and they will tell you it started out with a little grass, but we are told by those that smoke it that it is harmless, smokers say the same thing about cigarettes do you believe that too? oh yes you must because your the smart one right.

Our children run rampant because we are told that correction will give them a complex,and when they commit a crime we wonder where we went wrong. Only the smart ones want you to believe that no correction makes better behavior. We imprison people for doing a crime like armed robbery and let them go because the prison is too full, they get out and kill someone and we say what happen? Hey smart ass no correction is what happen. More and more movies and shows are more and more violent but it don’t affect us. We are getting more violent but one as nothing to do with the other.. Okay your the smart one.

If you lose your job the government say they can’t afford to give you as long on ui because they dont have the money. But they give those on welfare a raise, nice logic ass hat government man.  Maybe we should leave those really important things to the smart ones because they are doing such a great job so far.

Commonsense where are you!!







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