No job, what to do now?.


Went to work friday and found out that i will be without a job. Going to move to where no union and cheap labour. Started thinking what im i to do now? My children and wife how do i tell them?. How are we to pay the bills and put food on the table. Ui is not for ever and jobs are less and less for little and little pay. Is welfare in my future after decades of working? I pray not. So many have went before me in this situation and i prayed for those out of work, who will pray for me? Came home and told the wife and kids and the little one asked ” what happens now daddy” chocking back tears i said “dont know” then she asked a question that stopped my heart. ” what did uncle lam and lou(she calls my sister lou) do daddy? Why my heart stopped was because both have had to go on welfare after working 28 years at a plant just 30 mins away. If it happen to them who are hard working and almost never missed work except when lou had a bad sickness and was off for 4 months, then it could happen to me in fact the odds are against me. I wont lie the thought killing myself  came to mind but i fight it back, cant let that win. With every rejected resume a little piece of me dies. The ones that do call for interviews is minimum wage and would cost me more to drive there so i would be working for nothing. 

I’m very mad because why did we as a nation let this happen? Was it because we were buying garbage from China? Because we could buy more of it. Should we have bought american and had just one big tv that was of good quality instead of one for each bedroom that was worth jack shit. I’m just saying whats going through my mind. 

Working to retire and 401k took a royal dump down the wall street crapper. Some of my friends lost all. Anyways thanks to the government they really take care of us dont they……not!! got to go and get some mac and cheese, i better get use to it, i hear its a big give away at the food bank.


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