london soldier murdered.

It is so disturbing to me that a soldier could be killed in the streets of London in the middle of the day and it not be a uproar. Two muslims killed him for no reason what so ever. One said that they are over there killing people. It is a war against terror so whats the point? Yes i agree war is wrong and should be avoided but name a war that the United States started for no reason or even started. World war one and two right,come one i had a muslim neighbor say that to me, get real. 

The united States and the west did more to make the world better with the blessing we were given then any other country or nation’s on earth. One moron said to the camera that ” you better get rid of your government ” ok nut job lets do that and what a great place that would be, the first thing that would happen would be the muslims would take over and form a government, and boy the women would be treated so great don’t you think? 

It makes me sick when i hear such bull shit! People have become so afraid to speak up against such evil because we know that muslims mean business. They go on and on about the ” great satan” having all the power and corrupting the world. Is it the u.s that marry 8yr olds and have sex with them and they die on wedding night.thats ok right? What about treating women like garbage in fact less then garbage, all this was around before there was even a united States! But thats our fault? Killing all religions because it is not your religion thats ok? Coming to countries that allow you to worship your god as you see fit is ok because you will use that to have enough of you to kill off the others, how stupid is that thinking. Do anyone with a half a brain think that in they had the big stick they would not use it, come on. Every good thing that the West do they kill it. It sends help to those that ask for it and they kill the red cross workers or kill the nurses that are there to nurse their own people how sad is that. No matter what good we do they will still hate us just because of religion. They would rather have nothing and have islam then be at peace with non muslim peace loving people. Listen to what they say, listen to how the mother of boston bomber reason for what they did. It dont make sense. What have the west done that warrants such hate. Yes i know that moral decline is really on a free fall, but like i said above marrying babies, treating women like garbage etc we all have room for improvement but seriously it don’t make sense. 

Its all about taking from the generous hand until strong enough to cut the hand off. Don’t make sense, common sense where are you!!!!!? 


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