Charles Stanley – Our Role in the Nation We Love

So true. More should stand up.


Charles Stanley

Freedom is one of the most-prized human ideals, and as Americans, we are blessed to live in a nation where we can serve God with unreserved obedience. Throughout our great history, people have fought and given their lives to be liberated from tyranny. We know that the rights and privileges we enjoy today have come at an awesome price.

So as we consider the price our Founding Fathers paid to sign the Declaration of Independence and provide us with national autonomy so many years later, I challenge you to consider both the freedom from oppression we enjoy in the United States, and the liberty from sin we have through Jesus Christ our Savior.

These are important subjects to consider because as our nation faces one crisis after another, we must be wise and watchful. The decisions being made and the direction the country will take in the months and years…

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Canadian MUSLIMS enjoy freedom of speech – “Homosexuals and lesbians should be “exterminated in this life” – Imam of Montreal, Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus Al-Hayiti

And the gays think they are friends.

Jewish Defence League Canada

The Canadian Human Rights Commission refuses to investigate the complaint filed by Marc Lebuis, director of Point de Bascule

Pour la version française, cliquez ici.

The book by Imam Al-Hayiti is here (in French).


On 11 April 2008, I filed a complaint for “hate propaganda” on the Internet before the Canadian Human Rights Commission against a Salafi Imam of Montreal, Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus Al-Hayiti. The purpose of my complaint was to test the objectivity of the Commission. My complaint relates to the imam’s book L’Islam ou l’Intégrisme ? À la lumière du Qor’an et de la Sounnah (Islam or Fundamentalism? In light of the Qor’an and the Sunna), (2006/2007), 3rd edition corrected. Imam Abou H., who is fluent in Arabic, attended universities in Saudi Arabia where he studied Islam and the science of Hadiths. His teachings can therefore be perceived as authoritative with respect to Islam.

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slap me because I’m dreaming.

You all know whats going on in the news right now, oh yeah thats right main stream media don’t report the real news. I seen a video where some people was taking a charity walk to raise money for the soldier that was killed in England, you know the one that was beheaded in the street by two calling  jihad. Getting back to the point, they got arrested because they were walking in a muslim part of the city. What!! Thats right. one came a hit one of the walkers in the face but the walker was arrested lol you cant even make this stuff up if you tried.

Not only that but the people who do speak out against jihadist are banned from the county. Not for provoking violence but just saying that killing people in the streets of London in the name of religion is wrong. Pam geller is one such person. Why ban someone for telling the truth?   Why let one group say kill them all and do nothing abput it but ban the ones saying that they should not say that. It do not make sense. Do anyone think that a group of people have a right to preach about killing another group and it is ok? Not if your living in a free country you don’t. Is it ok for a white preacher to say kill blacks or the other way around? No!! No it’s  not right but why let others away with the same type of talk. I’m sick and tired of you can do nothing while I’m allowed to do what i want kind of thinking. What happen in Britain is coming here, watch and pray to God for deliverance. England, Sweden, and Norway is just the beginning, soon most of the country will be like Dearborn Michigan. 


Wendy from Aust…

Wendy from Australia
SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 @ 9:35 PM
Maybe, if they stayed in their own shit hole country that they came from, it wouldn’t be so bad..but coming to a Western country, and expecting us to allow them to live the way they did in the Middle East, is completely insane.
If we say NO to their mosques, and ignore their cries of religious freedom, over and over, they may get the hint..if we ban public praying in the streets, they may get the needs to be pushed on them continuesly, that they cannot preach that crap in an otherwise Christian country…get back into THEIR faces, make them feel unwanted…don’t keep putting out the welcome mat and allowing them to preach their hatred. Whenever you hear them say they have the right to follow islam in a Western country- just say NO! Which Government is going to stand up first and say this?

These inbreds need to be told they have no place in a Western country, following those beliefs…once they start trying to enforce Sharia, they should be deported..or, if they are a westerner who converted, send him on a holiday to Afganland, and say- “Here is your Mohammerheads land..enjoy at your mercy…this is what you are fighting for- the land of mohammerhead…HAVE FUN!….”

It still amazes me, how we, as westerners, have to watch what we say about mo, yet they can burn effergies of your President, destroy your flag, kill your people in Libya, and drag them raped through the streets, etc, and no country has stood up and said “HEY! Enough is enough” yet… We are allowing them to do this, and then apologising for some stupid, movie that is in no way offensive at all?

I don’t understand the rights of the Military, or Government, but surely, sooner or later, a leader in a Western country, has to stand up and say, we will not tolerate this anymore, and STOP all muslim immigration, based on their dangerous beliefs..NOT RACE, but their beliefs

A Lot of people feel like wendy from Australia. Have to be careful but wise.