when we kill a baby its an abortion, when a girl does it its murder.

In the news lately there as been talk about girls killing babies. One let it go down a toilet but it wad rescued. Another in Toronto canada let it die in a trailer. Anothwr threw it in a dumpster. The media was saying ot was murder. Of course I agree, but, lets look at it more closely. We brainwash the children in thinking that abortion is ok in our schools, we tell them that its your choice, it’s your body to do as you wish.

When a girl goes in and kills a baby at the lab its said she made the right Choice. Now if a girl kills a baby on her own we say bad girl. Is it because she didnt pay money to a certified doctor?   I believe it is. It cant be that we think its murder because we say good job to the doctor. Young girls know this to them murder is murder, maybe they are smarter then their parents. It is wrong to do it but we cant blame the girls who are confused because we teach them one thing and act the opposite when the end result is reached. She wanted to kill the baby or to say ot nicely, to have an abortion but could not afford it so she did it herself, the same outcome right so whats the beef. Maybe teach that murder is wrong no matter what and leave it at that, cant blame them for doing what they are taught.


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