Stop crying already, we know your gay.

Just got through reading the news about obama having a gay fest at the white house. He said that there is alot more work to do with the gays. What do that mean?  There are gays in the white house, gays in every facuet of government, military, business, sports, schools, colleges,  universities,  hospitals, religion, boy scouts, girl scouts, day care, police, acting, news anchor, weather persons, porn, prision, did i forget anything? I mean how much work need to be done? 

I went to get my mail and i got to chatting with two guys that told me they were gay. Strange since i felt no way inclined to say that i was straight, what business is that to anyone?  I got to thinking why do gay people feel that they have to tell everyone they are gay? Do i care, no I dont, do anyone care?  Not that i know of. Years ago they had something to fight for, i mean they were not allowed to do anything. They couldnt be a teacher,doctor etc but these days everyone is gay so whats the big woop. Why do gays,now in the day and age we live in have to force people to be gay?  If your born gay like they say then why have gay sex ed in grade 1, wont they know they are gay soon enough?  Why is it that im not allowed to choose to put my daughter in girl guides where there are no gays?  Why do the gays not say hey we started our own club for gays only. I would not have a problem with that. Shouldnt we be able to choose?  If i dont want to send my kid to a school in Harlem do that mean im racist?   When i go out to eat i like Chinese and not Mexican,  so i hate Mexicans? See how stupid that is. If a person choose to put her kid in a non gay club is that so bad? Its now to the point that even up in toronto canada they have a non gender bathroom. Is this nessissary?  What, now i can take a piss where i choose. Gays dont know if they are boy or girl? If your a gay girl use the girls washroom, if your a gay boy use the boy washroom, if you dont know if your a boy or girl look down between your legs. 

Gays that want everything to be gay is doing more damage to the gay Lifestyle then the non gays. Like i said i dont care if your gay, just leave me alone to choose not to be. I have a gay co worker but she dont want to take a piss in the mens room, i would go in to hers but she would slap me lol.

My point is if your gay, your gay. So what do you want a medal?  Be gay and enjoy it just dont force it on others. My gay co worker even said that she hates the gay pushers as she calls them. The ones that just cant leave the non gays alone, she said one day that “im gay and the world around me is ok about it, what more do i want” in fact i respect gay people like her, its the im gay and you better let me in your club or ill cry all the way home are the ones i dont like. If i went on the street and said to people ” hey im straight” they would probably say “so what moron” and you know what? So what!! 

Pick up your dumb tit and move on. Stop crying already, the trail blazers have made the way, enjoy it, dont mess it up by pushing it to far. 


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