Canadian MUSLIMS enjoy freedom of speech – “Homosexuals and lesbians should be “exterminated in this life” – Imam of Montreal, Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus Al-Hayiti

And the gays think they are friends.

Jewish Defence League Canada

The Canadian Human Rights Commission refuses to investigate the complaint filed by Marc Lebuis, director of Point de Bascule

Pour la version française, cliquez ici.

The book by Imam Al-Hayiti is here (in French).


On 11 April 2008, I filed a complaint for “hate propaganda” on the Internet before the Canadian Human Rights Commission against a Salafi Imam of Montreal, Abou Hammaad Sulaiman Dameus Al-Hayiti. The purpose of my complaint was to test the objectivity of the Commission. My complaint relates to the imam’s book L’Islam ou l’Intégrisme ? À la lumière du Qor’an et de la Sounnah (Islam or Fundamentalism? In light of the Qor’an and the Sunna), (2006/2007), 3rd edition corrected. Imam Abou H., who is fluent in Arabic, attended universities in Saudi Arabia where he studied Islam and the science of Hadiths. His teachings can therefore be perceived as authoritative with respect to Islam.

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