Britain’s Muslim Mess – a head in the sand policy

Bloody shame is what it is. We all got to wake up and get real, are we that stupid? Its to late to wake up when some moron is standing over you with a knife.

Cultural Jihad

Social clashes between mainstream western ideology and Islamists have been festering for some time in the UK as in other European countries. The media and government officials have tended to down-play most incidents, even appearing to be apologetic at times.

The broad daylight hacking death of British solider Lee Rigby on a Woolwich street, shocked much of the world.  Amateur phone video taken immediately after the murder, allowed the public to get an uncensored look at blood covered hands and hear the murderer’s explanation of the attack: revenge for the wrongs he felt had been committed against Muslims.  

Much of the media carried official comments describing a “lone wolf” attack by someone that had been “radicalized.”   An all to frequent line that appears to be an attempt to plant the concept of a single, disturbed individual acting alone – placing distance from any connection to “mainstream” Islam…

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