Virginia: Church becomes mosque for Ramadan, removes pews, hymns, priest

What a shame.

Creeping Sharia

via US: Church opens its doors to Muslims in Ramadan | Morocco World News. h/t halalporkshop

According to radio Sawa, Muslim immigrants are performing Taraweeh prayers, a set of prayers performed collectively by Muslims after Isha prayer, (5th prayer) during Ramadan in a church in the city of York, USA.

On the occasion of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fast, the church of the city Burke, a small town north Virginia, opened its chapel for Muslims to pray Taraweeh.

In an act of tolerance and mutual respect, the church administration removed pews from the chapel to accommodate Islamic prayers.

Members of the Muslim community expressed their great appreciation for the initiative, and church leaders consider this initiative a letter of peace, tolerance, coexistence and respect for the world’s religions.

The sound of the church bell has been replaced with Athan, the Christian hymns with Islamic prayer in the…

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