Sad times of the year.

I sit here in a bar that maybe willie nelson may visit and I listen to the conversation around me and can’t help but think how sad it is.
one lady maybe she could be called “lady of the night” but she was telling the waiter how hurt she feels this time of year. She said that thanksgiving is a bad time because she is not on talking terms with her parents. I started thinking that “what ever, she’s drunk and don’t know what she is saying ” but I was wrong, she was drinking what I thought was ceasers but it was just tomatoe juice. I felt angry at myself for thinking that just by how someone looks. She started to proceed with her life story, she was homeless for awhile, she had no family that she sees or talk too, she lost her job for the third time in 2 years, it seemed that she was holding up untill she started to cry cry.The waiter had a job to do and left rather bothered.
If I went over to her would she think I was hitting on her? I got the courage to go over and asked if I could sit down? She looked at me like to say ” what ever I dont care” ok she said so I sat down.
i couldnt help overhearing your conversation with the waiter and it was a said story. ” I came here to drink and kill myself but thought I should give it one more try”. I thought to myself could it be that bad? I tried church, drugs, booze, renting my body but it all just adds to the
We talked for about 2 hours and she left.
i won’t even tell the rest she went through but I left with feeling my problems was a little petty. I was reminded of a artice I read about how thanksgiving and xmas is the worst for suicides. Maybe its because we are so busy with ourselves that we just don’t get the full impact our actions. Maybe if her parents was big enough to say” hey sweetie come home and get well” it may have stopped a lot of hurt.
just my thought of the day.


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