Buy American for your children.

I have not written anything for some time now but I’m thinking I have to say something about the working man going out of business.
Let every union and every individual start buying American. I don’t mean just USA but Canada also. Lets boycott Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart and you know who else is out there. If they have any more than 40% of their products from say china, then don’t buy from there and let them know why.
I’m sick of hearing, this plant closed down, 740 people out of work, moving to china (Kellogg) or Heinz closing a plant and 500 out of work. The list go on and on.
Ask ourselves are we still going to buy ketchup? Yes we are but im I going to buy it from china? No!! Just like I wouldn’t buy milk from there, reader remember the milk that was poison little while back? I’m I going to buy my kids Kellogg’s for the morning, no! After what is left in the bag is gone, that’s it. And if I buy something else that is made in China and I don’t know it, as soon as I know I’ll stop that too. Why buy 3 tvs and replace it frequently when buy quality and have it long time. I just threw away a tv that was 26 years old, not because it was no good but I couldn’t hook things up to it anymore, I mean only so many converters and such you can find. Now with hdmi, fiber optic and so on I had to buy a Sony. I was told that model was not made in china (who knows) my point is quality sometimes mean just having one or two instead of 3 or 4. When the manufacturers see the “dumb working men and women ” mean business they will change and keep the work at home.


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