Teaching hate and murder at ages 5 on up.

The way that the muslim savages teach their islamic hated and violence early to their young, inbred off spring, is why we must be cautious about being upset when their once innocent and now brain damaged off spring, polluted by islam’s evil teaching are killed in muslim atrocities done by other muslims. A year of teaching hatred to a child of 5 or 6 is enough to damage them for life. I see this even in their little girls who are taught to rhyme off hatred towards Jews, Christians and all d’himmis. There is no hope for a muslim offspring until the muslim savages love their children, more than they hate us. That will never be under the authority of the koran and hate troglodytes like a. choudrey and so on. This was said by a person named ” cat” but really its true. Why teach your children to hate on such a close level. To even have kids cut the throats of people is heart sinking. Image


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