Take that Bible and stick it!??

I am sure taken back by all the anti-Bible or should I say christian news that’s out there in the news. I read of Bibles not allowed in schools, court entry ways, university, hotel rooms, doctors office, even in a christian day care. Now don’t get me wrong i’m not saying christianity should be stuffed down peoples throats, no more then islam should be. But however, we are not taking about iran or Saudi Arabia but America where it was founded on somewhat christian values. But my beef is not with this religion or that, thats a different issue.
My beef is with those that see a problem with the Bible being in these places. Does having a Bible in a Hotel room stop hookers or scummy men and women from using them for affairs? No. Does having a bible in my dentist office make me have rotten teeth? No. Do I care if a courtroom has a Bible in it? No because if I was going to tell a lie that wouldn’t stop me. Why does so many people fear a God they say they don’t believe in? By shouting to remove them, they say by not so many words, that it’s something they fear and want it gone. Do I remove my daughters teddy bear because it may harm me? No, why? Because I don’t believe it’s real. If you don’t believe in God and don’t care too, and believe he don’t exist then why get in such a tizzy? But if you want to show off your muscles, go for the koran. Oh yes thats right you cant because your coward. You have to admire the muslims because they at least stand up for whats theirs. And you know it!
I came across a bbm channel on my iphone called “bible christians ” channel # C001C60B2 it has lots of news articles about such things as this.