Muslim monsters: Small Christian Armenian toddler taken hostage at gunpoint

Wow, oh boy.

The Muslim Issue

Muslims are evil beyond imagination. A pure satanic entity on earth. This is the Sunni racist war going on in Syria against minority groups – Muslim as well as non-Muslim that Sunni’s term kafirs – whom the Wahhabi Sunnis have to terrorise, slaughter, starve and persecute for no other reason but a purely satanic desire to force their ugly dominion and religion on these people. Hundreds of thousands have starved to death in areas surrounded and closed-off by the “rebel” terrorists which are mainly from Saudi Arabia, but also Muslims from around the world occupying Syria.

Evil, evil, evil. All funded and arranged by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey. Obama is soon again releasing funds so they can terrorise more people and keep them in fear and misery over Islam.


syria hostage

‘Our Youngest Hostage’

According to Sham…

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