why my friends are saying they are worried about muslims.

we were walking in the park a few days ago and what do we see? about 100 muslims standing then kneeling to pray. not so bad I thought, lets get a picnic table and have our lunch, there wasnt any because they had them all carried over to where they were.

my friend took his sons and daughter over to the local soccer field to shoot on goal to practice. he ask if I would tag along and I did. we got there and there were about 30 muslims in the field. my friend ask them if they could do what they are doing to the side so his kids could practice. one man turns around and says, we are here and we are going to let you know when we are done. my friend said nicely, why do it in the middle why not off to the side? he said because you would be able to play and we dont want to be disturbed. Also your daughter should bever be allowed to play its a disgrace for a girl to run with boys.

On my way home I was thinking, why did I wonder why my friends started to be changing his mind towards them. After witnessing this I do not wonder anymore, I just feel sad to think he is justified.


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